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14 Traits Psychologists Look For When Diagnosing Pathological Narcissism Can Be Found In These 14 Trump Tweets


14 Traits Psychologists Look For When Diagnosing Pathological Narcissism Can Be Found In These 14 Trump Tweets

Many critics of Donald Trump have questioned whether he is mentally stable to run the country. Professional psychologists have even questioned if Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), a psychological condition that Psychology Today writes is defined by “a lack of ability to empathize with others and an inflated sense of self-importance.”

According to Psychology Today, to diagnose someone with NPD, psychologists look for 15 traits, most of which Trump’s tweets seem to have.

Below are 14 tweets that prove Trump might be suffering from NPD:

1. “Reactive anger: Becoming enraged when they perceive a personal slight.”

Trump tends to get fired up by any sort of criticism. When MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski questioned Trump’s mental fitness, he took to Twitter to attack her.

2. “Indifference: Not caring about how other people feel.”

Trump could care less about other people’s feelings. He once tweeted out mocking the appearance of Heidi Cruz, the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

3. “Need for admiration: Being in need of positive affirmation.”

This is something Trump is known for. He is constantly asking for attention in some way or another.

He is always wanting credit for things he hasn’t done.

4. “Exhibitionism: Showing off the qualities they perceive as being positive.”

Trump loves to gloat about himself, ALL THE TIME.

5. “Authoritativeness: Seeming to be the expert on everything.”

Trump thinks he’s the answer to everything, and if things aren’t done his way then they’re being done wrong.

6. Thrill-seeking: Deriving pleasure from taking risks.

Trump has constantly taken to Twitter to taunt North Korea as if it were a game. It’s not a game Donnie. STOP IT!

7. Grandiose fantasies: Seeing themselves as excelling at everything they do.

This is Trump. Period.

Need we say more?

8. “Cynicism/distrust: Being unable to show faith in others.”

Trump has constantly shown insecurities when it comes to being investigated. Does he not trust our intelligence agencies or does he have something to hide?

9. “Manipulativeness: Trying to get others to follow their wishes.”

In other words, being a bully, which is exactly what Trump is.

10. “Exploitativeness: Using people for their own purposes.”

Trump has no sympathy for other. When NBA star Dawayne Wade’s cousin was fatally shot in 2016, Trump used it as a way to gain votes by pointing out the violence in Chicago.

11. “Entitlement: Feeling that others owe them something, and being unable to give in return.”

Trump was a sore loser when he lost the Iowa caucus in 2016 to Ted Cruz. He took out his anger on voters who he felt owed him for some reason.

12. “Arrogance: Not believing they should be held accountable for their actions.”

We all know Trump takes no responsibility for when things go bad and it’s his fault. One example would be Trump University, which scammed students out of their money. Trump University was sued by former students, which Trump later called a “witch hunt.”

13. “Lack of empathy: Not caring, or being able to care, about other people’s feelings.”

This goes back to Trump caring less about other people. Trump insults people like no other.

14. “Acclaim-seeking: Wanting to be recognized by others for their accomplishments.”

Trump wants the world to know that he didn’t pee on the toilet when he went potty. Every little thing he does he wants the world to know.

There you have it. Trump could easily be diagnosed with NPD. And if these weren’t enough examples, just turn the TV on to the news or look at Trump’s twitter feed and surely you’ll find plenty more.

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