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15 Seats Held By Republicans Just Moved Toward Democrats Ahead Of Election Day

As the battle for control of the House enters the home stretch, 15 seats held or vacated by Republicans have made a dramatic shift to likely or solid for Democrats, CNN reports. Winning all of those races would put Democrats eight seats shy of the 23 the party needs to gain to win control of the House.

According to according to CNN’s Key Race ratings, of the 31 races rated as Tossups, only one is currently held by Democrats. If Democrats win a third of those, then they’ll find themselves in the majority with a couple seats to spare. Republicans are favored to pick up two Democratic-held seats, which would add to the challenge for Democrats on Election Night.

Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, are voicing confidence the party “will” take back control of the chamber.

The generic ballot advantage, enthusiasm edge and President Trump’s underwater approval rating are facts that all work in the Democrats’ favor. Mix in the staggering fundraising numbers seen this cycle and it adds up to an environment ripe for strong Democratic gains.

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