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These 5 Words From Sir Richard Branson Will Follow Trump For the Rest Of His Life

During a recent interview with Newshub, Billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson described US President Donald Trump as  “an embarrassment to the world” since taking office.

The Virgin Airlines owner was in New Zealand for a talk at Auckland’s Vector Arena on Sunday where he lamented Mr. Trump’s “disastrous” presidency.

“I’ve found it rather an embarrassment to the world to have an individual running America who… does not speak the truth all the time, who tries to, instead of opening borders to immigrants, has made it really difficult to get in, and the list goes on and on and on,” Branson told the publication.

Branson added that while he believes a brilliant-minded business man isn’t necessarily a bad choice for president, Trump isn’t the right guy.

“I think Trump is the one business person I know who is certainly not the right person to be running a great country like America.”

Watch the video below:

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