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68-Year-Old Uber Driver Wants Trump To Serve Forever – But Says He Can’t Afford Medication

Politico’s Tim Alberta interviewed part-time Uber drivers in Iowa to get their perspective on politics and the upcoming presidential election.

One driver, 68-year-old Joseph Gay, told Alberta that he hopes to see Donald Trump be president for as long as he lives.

“I think Trump is the best thing to come along in America in a long, long time,” he told Alberta. “And I think the trouble they’re giving him, it’s just criminal. They said they were going to impeach him even before I took office. It’s just not right. He’s the only president I’ve ever seen keep his word, keep his promises.”

Gay said he considers Trump “an amazing person.”

“You know, if it wasn’t for Trump, I might not even be a Republican anymore. The Republicans stopped caring about me a long time ago. I wouldn’t vote for Democrats either. Honestly, I would just stop voting altogether. I really wish Trump could serve three terms — or even longer. Let him serve as long as he wants.”

Alberta noted that Gay and his wife, who is also an Uber driver, are struggling financially. While Trump hasn’t improved this couple’s financial situation, Gay blames himself for their problems because he’s spent most of his life working odd jobs.

“We don’t have a retirement thing, and medicine is expensive, so money would get pretty tight,” Gay said. “I’ve got some things I could probably sell. But still.”

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