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8 GOP Senators Vote Against Paid Sick Leave Because ‘It’s Too Expensive’


8 GOP Senators Vote Against Paid Sick Leave Because ‘It’s Too Expensive’

As the coronavirus pandemic grows, Americans are growing worried about how they will pay their bills. Those same Americans will not be able to lean on Republicans for help. On Wednesday, eight Senate Republicans decided to vote against a bill that was designated to provide some American workers with paid sick leave.

The following Republicans decided that the government didn’t want to use their funds to help out working Americans:

-Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee
-James Inhofe of Oklahoma
-James Lankford of Oklahoma
-Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
-Rand Paul of Kentucky
-Ben Sasse of Nebraska
-Tim Scott of South Carolina
-Mike Lee of Utah

In the words of the Senators above, “it’s too expensive” to pay for Americans to take sick days off during the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, the bill was approved 90-8 with overwhelming bipartisan support. Since the House passed it last week, the legislation now heads to President Donald Trump, who supports the measure and is expected to sign it into law.

“I think that the paid sick leave is an incentive for businesses to actually let go employees and will make unemployment worse,” Paul, who was also concerned it would further raise the deficit, told Newsweek.

“[Businesses are] hearing the promise of a federal reimbursement coming to them, but they don’t know when that’s coming and they’re literally teetering on the edge right now,” Lankford said in a floor speech after the vote. “Their struggle is, ‘please don’t do something that pushes us over the edge.'”

“My fear is we pushed some of those individuals over the edge into unemployment,” he added.

The Republicans who voted against the bill also voted against offering free coronavirus testing and increases in unemployment insurance benefits, Medicaid, food stamps and nutrition assistance for kids at home who’d otherwise receive school lunches.

You can read more HERE via Newsweek.

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