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‘What He Did Was A Moral Disgrace’: Krauthammer Shreds Trump’s Charlottesville Presser

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer blasted President Donald Trump’s bizarre rant at a press conference in New York City Tuesday about the violent Charlottesville white supremacy rally, calling it a “moral disgrace.”

The syndicated columnist appeared aghast on Fox News’ “Special Report” when fellow panelist Laura Ingraham suggested that Trump had become “sidetracked” and caught in a “pundit trap” when he became defensive about his response to the weekend’s events in Virginia, instead of talking about the planned press conference topic of infrastructure.

“To critique what he did today on the grounds that it distracts from the agenda or was a tactical mistake I believe is a cop-out,” Krauthammer told Ingraham. “What Trump did today was a moral disgrace.”

“What he did is he reverted back to where he was on Saturday, and made it very clear that what he read on … Monday, two days later, was a hostage take, clearly reading off a prompter, saying these denunciations by name of the KKK, et cetera,” he continued.

“That wasn’t Trump speaking. That was the aides speaking.”

Watch the video below:

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