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Did Trump Just Hint He Will Pardon Paul Manafort? – WATCH

Donald Trump once pardoned Joe Arpaio, who is considered to be the most racist sheriff in America. So pardoning Paul Manafort to save himself wouldn’t come as a surprise, but it would raise suspicion.

On Tuesday Trump was asked by reporters if he would pardon Manafort, instead of answering “no” he decided to ignore the question altogether, which makes one wonder if he is actually thinking about pardoning his former campaign chairman.

According to the White House pool report, “Your pooler asked if he would pardon Paul Manafort. The president considered the question for half a moment and then thanked the pool, signaling he was done answering questions.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

Many reports half said that Trump has been asking for months on how he could pardon those involved with the Russia scandal, himself, and his family.

Many have also advised Trump to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. If he doesn’t fire Mueller his next step would be a presidential pardon for everyone who was involved.

Trump not answering the question brings up the concern that he would be using his presidency to pardon all those involved, including himself.

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