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Carter Page Just Threw Sessions Under The Bus, Admits He Told AG About Trip To Russia

Former foreign policy adviser to Trump’s campaign, Carter Page, spoke with House investigators on Thursday and admitted that he told Attorney General Jeff Sessions about his trip to Russia during the campaign, according to a new report.

According to CNN, Page said during his testimony that he told Sessions about his trip to Russia last year in July.

“Back in June 2016, I mentioned in passing that I happened to be planning to give a speech at a university in Moscow,” Page told CNN. “Completely unrelated to my limited volunteer role with the campaign and as I’ve done dozens of times throughout my life.”

“Understandably, it was as irrelevant then as it is now. If it weren’t for the dodgy dossier and all the chaos that those complete lies had created, my passing comment’s complete lack of relevance should go without saying,” he continued.

According to CNN, a source told them that Page told Sessions about the trip during a dinner back in June of 2016.

Sessions did not mention this trip during his testimony before the Senate back in June. In fact, he told them that he did not “recall” any meetings between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials.

Sessions did say:

“There might be some published accounts of Mr. Page communicating with Russians, I don’t know.”

Sessions also said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last month that he was unaware of any Trump campaign surrogates communicating with Russians.

“I did not [have contact with Russians] and I’m not aware of anyone else that did, and I don’t believe it happened,” Sessions said.

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