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The Sound Of Desperation Is Can Be Heard Loud And Clear In Trump’s Latest Tweets

Desperate to change the narrative surrounding the Russia investigation, President is throwing a gigantic public tantrum on Twitter, demanding Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted over a series of claims, some of them unfounded and others that are not even illegal.

Trump, who continues to use the debunked ‘uranium One’ conspiracy theory to attack Clinton, saw another chance to pounce on his former political opponent after Donna Brazile’s revelation that the Democratic Party “rigged the presidential nomination against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).”

As the Democratic strategist said what the Clinton campaign did “sure looked unethical, but was not illegal.” But Trump seems to think that Clinton can be criminally prosecuted for it:

Take a look at Trumps tweets and some of the responses below:

Of course, he wouldn’t pass the chance to insult Sen. Elizabeth Warren:

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