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Jim Jordan Just Came Up With The Most Absurd Excuse To Get Rid Of Robert Mueller

Fearing that Robert Mueller may drop a bombshell on Donald Trump any minute, Republicans are scrambling to find ways to get rid of the Special Counsel and thus end the investigation into the Russia interference in the 2016 elections.

Last month’s indictment of former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates signals a dramatic new phase of Mueller’s wide-ranging investigation into possible collusion between the Russian government and members of Trump’s team as well as potential obstruction of justice and financial crimes.

Well, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a House Freedom Caucus member and fervent Trump supporter, wants to stop the investigation before things get any worse for the Trump administration. So he came up with a conspiracy theory:

Jordan said Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller is in a “precarious position” over the Uranium One deal, given his lack of action on the issue.

“Robert Mueller, I think, in light of what we’ve also recently learned, relative to the Uranium One Deal, surely seems a bit compromised to me,” Jordan said in a Fox News interview, adding that his failure to press charges in the investigation of the sale to Russia of a U.S. uranium company puts him in “a somewhat precarious position.”

“For that reason,” the congressman said, “the best thing to do would be for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to name another special counsel to look into the case.”

Nice try, Jim.

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