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Conservatives Out Malia Obama For Doing’Normal College Things’– The Internet Response Is Perfect

Malia Obama, who was accepted to Harvard last spring, appears to be enjoying her first year at the prestigious university, as new students usually do. However, tabloid and conservative sites seem to have a different take on the former first daughter’s campus life.

On Friday, “The Daily Caller” published the latest in a series of stories purportedly ratting out Obama for dancing at a music festival, locking lips at a football game and generally doing what many describe as “normal college things.”

The latest outrage stemmed from a video of Obama trying to blow smoke rings while sharing a fun time with other college students.

The Internet quickly rallied to Obama’s defense, pointing out that it’s unclear what she’s smoking and comparing her alleged transgression with the actions of other first children.

“Malia Obama blowing smoke rings is the most outrageous thing the child of a president has done since George W. Bush invaded Iraq,” comedian Nat Baimel wrote.

Filmmaker Jeremy Newberger added: “When Malia Obama cuts off an elephant’s tail and sells our country out to the Russians call me.”

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