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CNN Just Issued a Blistering Response To Trump’s Latest Attack On The Network

President Trump on Saturday evening lashed out at CNN and its international arm on Twitter, accusing the network of spreading “fake news” around the world.

In his tweet, Trump claimed that CNN represents the U.S. “very poorly” across the globe and that the conservative Fox News is domestically “more important.”

The tweet drew quick responses from CNN anchor Jake Tapper and national security correspondent Jim Sciutto, who rushed to the defense of CNN International, the news networks’ world news arm.

“realDonaldTrump My CNNi & CNN colleagues regularly risk their lives in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Niger and beyond, following US Troops into war-zones, chronicling natural disasters, holding dictators to account & profiling everyday heroes,” Sciutto wrote on Twitter.

“Thinking about cnni and my brave and hard-working colleagues there who cover famines and wars and politics and terrorism and everything else,” Tapper tweeted. “Amazing men and women, thank you for your continued excellence.”

But Trump’s tweet also drew a direct response from CNN itself. The network responded to the president in a tweet pointing out that it is, in fact, Trump’s job to represent the U.S. abroad – not CNN’s.

“It’s not CNN’s job to represent the U.S to the world. That’s yours. Our job is to report the news,” the network wrote from its public relations account.

Oliver Darcy, another CNN reporter, also responded to the president’s comment, noting that he followed up on the tweet with a post linking to an obscure pro-Trump website listing the president’s accomplishments since taking office.

“Today in real life: The president directs ppl to MAGA pill dot com after claiming CNNi embarrasses U.S. in front of world w/misinformation,” Darcy tweeted.

Read Trump’s tweet and CNN’s response below:

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