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Trump Childishly Bans April Ryan From White House Christmas Party, Her Response Is Perfect

Donald Trump’s White House decided not to invite Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks April Ryan to their annual Christmas party, but Ryan said her feelings weren’t hurt at all. She said she “would not have gone anyway.”

Ryan was awarded the honor of Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists back in August of this year. Following her honorary award, the White House decided to target journalists in ads.

Ryan was the only White House correspondent who was targetted in the ad.

“I was very upset about that because that put a target on my head,” Ryan explained. “So understand this: If someone considers me the enemy, I understand that I’m not going to break bread with you and I’m sure you don’t want to break bread with me. But I’m going to continue to be in that room asking questions.”

“I would not have gone anyway,” she admitted. “I am good. I understand how they feel about me and I understand how they feel about the press, but I have not done anything wrong and I am covered by the First Amendment.”

Take a look at her response in the video below:

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