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Trump Calls The Press a ‘Stain In America’ In Ranting Tweet. Dem Response Is Perfect

President Donald Trump ripped journalists on Sunday, calling their work “a stain on America” after a series of reporting errors last week received extensive media attention.

Errors by CNN, ABC and The Washington Post have been widely covered in the media, with a full segment on CNN on Sunday dedicated to discussing the effect of reporting errors.

Despite the extensive coverage, Trump took to Twitter earlier to attack the media and complain about a lack of coverage of the errors.

Several lawmakers, including Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), fired back at President Trump’s assertion that the media is a “stain on America,” responding that a free press is “the essence of America.”

“The stain here is your repeated attempts to weaken and undermine the 1st amendment to project your own disingenuous reality onto the public,” Ryan said on Twitter.

Trump has ramped up his attacks on the press in recent days, calling for individual reporters at The Washington Post and ABC News to be fired over minor errors like when ABC posted the wrong date on a report, or when CNN posted the wrong photo of Trump White House official Raj Shah on Friday night, mistaking him for an Obama administration member with a similar name. The errors, however, did not change the facts on the story.

The errors by CNN and ABC have been widely covered in the media, including on CNN, which featured a Sunday segment on mistakes in journalism.

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