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Here Are The Two Most Bizarre Statements From Mike Pence In 2017

Trying to come up with the two most embarrassing statements from Vice President Mike Pence is a hard task, because most of his comments are, well… bizarre. Luckily, the two videos below will not disappoint.

Let’s start with Pence’s infatuation with Donald Trump’s “broad shoulders.”

As we reported back in August, many foreign-policy experts have raised concerns about Trump’s knowledge of world affairs and have warned that his bombastic approach has put the world on the brink of nuclear war. Pence, however, has a different view of how foreign affairs work and has full confidence in the “broad-shouldered” president, despite his erratic behavior.

Watch the video below:

Then, to show the world how much he really loves the president, he descended into an incredibly delusional and almost religious praise of Donald Trump following the passage of the unpopular GOP tax bill. Watch:

We don’t know what to make of this, but it appears that Pence has a thing for Trump.

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