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Carl Bernstein Hits Back At Trump: The FBI Is Not ‘Tainted,’ His Presidency Is

Appearing on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 On Tuesday night, veteran journalist Carl Bernstein lambasted Donald Trump’s claim that the Russian dossier is “bogus,” and that the FBI is “tainted.”

As reported by Mediaite, Jim Sciutto, filling in for Anderson Cooper, noted how Trump is trying to conflate the entire Russia investigation with the dossier and that the president is painting any organization questioning Trump as “not to be believed.”

Bernstein said the argument here is, “Everybody else is the issue here, not Donald Trump.”

“The key word… that he keeps using is ‘tainted.’ There’s really only one institution that has really been tainted through these months and that is the Trump presidency. It’s tainted by the president’s lies, by his disrespect for American institutions operating under the law with traditional American democracy and the instruments thereof,” Bernstein said. “He’s contemptuous of those instruments.”

He added:

“What we’re seeing in these constant attacks which are undermining indeed confidence in the legitimate institutions of our government which are trying to do they job. If the president is as confidant as he says, if this investigation is going to end very soon with him being exonerated, he ought to welcome all of this instead of attacking constantly. He’s doing a grave disservice to our democracy.”

The legendary journalist then tore into how the GOP enables the president, saying, “they make everything the issue but what really happened here.”

Watch the interview below via CNN:

Do you agree with Carl Bernstein that Trump’s presidency is tainted?

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