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The Internet Shreds Trump To Pieces For Taking Credit For Economic Boom Sparked By Obama’s Policies

He’s done it again. It’s no coincidence that Donald Trump has been bragging about the performance of the stock market. It’s an easy, albeit deceitful, distraction from the other bad news of the day.

Never mind the act that the historic bull market rally started in 2009 under President Obama. Trump has done literally nothing that would change the momentum of Obama’s economy. Not a single economic bill reached his desk for signature before the massive tax cuts for corporations that was passed just last week.

But that hasn’t stopped him and his propaganda division at Fox News from trying to steal the credit.

“Retail sales are at record numbers. We’ve got the economy going better than anyone ever dreamt – and you haven’t seen anything yet!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The wealth increase that Trump is touting is based solely on the rise of equities. Not only is it false to describe that as “the nation’s wealth,” it is a fluid indicator that could reverse course tomorrow.

The Twitter community was not amused and proceeded to bludgeon Trump for his bullshit.

Read Trump’s tweet and a few of the notable comments below:

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