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Trump Jr. Goes Down In Flames Online After Misspelling a Simple Word in Tweet Attacking WaPo

Donald Trump Jr. fell flat on his face after trying to criticize the Washington Post over their coverage of Devin Nunes’ anti-FBI memo, arguing the press doesn’t want the controversial 4-page letter released because “it will be tough for them to sell their ‘democracy dies in dankness.’”

“Apparently the press only likes their information ‘leaked’ from unverified sources rather than released openly from congress…” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter. “I think it will be tough for them to sell their ‘democracy dies in dankness’ byline with this kind of logic.”

Trump Jr.’s tweet attempted to single out the Post, which last year changed its tagline—not its byline—to “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” The eldest Trump son’s apparent lack of knowledge about what constitutes a byline, coupled with the “best typo of our time” tickled the internet on Tuesday.

Read some reactions below:

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