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Santorum Gets Humiliated On CNN After Accusing Obama Of Colluding With FBI To Take Down Trump

During a panel discussion on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, former Republican congressman Rick Santorum got humiliated after he asserted that there was a conspiracy between President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the FBI to take down Donald Trump.

Host Jake Tapper asked Santorum if he agreed with Donald Trump Jr. that the controversial GOP memo smearing the FBI’s Russia was “sweet revenge” for Trump supporters.

“The FBI is to blame here,” the conservative commentator said. “You can say this is partisan attempt by Republicans, but it’s a partisan attempt to counter a narrative that’s out there.”

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) fired back at Santorum.

“When you say the FBI has been hiding information, it gives this whole deep-state conspiracy crank stuff more oxygen,” she insisted.

“When you say stuff like that, when the president says the stuff he does,” Granholm continued, “you’ve got a poll out this weekend that says 38 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of the FBI, which has plummeted.”

Santorum said Republicans “see this as a real problem within the Obama administration politicizing, not just the DOJ, but the IRS and every other agency of government to come after conservatives and Republicans.”

“Oh my God!” Granholm exclaimed. “These were Republican FISA judges [who approved surveillance on a former Trump staffer], all appointed by George Bush, there were four of them. The head of the FBI is a Republican appointed by Trump. This is like Alice in Wonderland. It is totally topsy-turvy.”

“If they were really in the tank for Hillary Clinton as you’re suggesting,” she told Santorum. “Why wouldn’t they have leaked that there was an investigation ongoing about Donald Trump instead of 10 days before the election, a memo comes out about Hillary Clinton’s emails. It is a ridiculous argument.”

Watch the exchange in the video below:

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