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Top House Intel Dem Called Out Republicans For ‘Undermining’ The Committee By ‘Sending Evidence’ To Trump

House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) called out Republicans for “undermining the independence” of the committee by “sending over evidence” to Donald Trump.

Swalwell said during a Feb. 5 committee meeting, “there’s an ongoing investigation,” adding, “I don’t know in what investigation in our country you would want to continue to turn over to subjects and witnesses the evidence against them before their interview.”

“When you send over either a memorandum or a FISA application for review by President Trump or his White House counsel, you are sending over evidence to them for their review that they haven’t seen before,” Swalwell said. “Because no suspect would be given the answers to the questions before their interview.

“So I am just worried that we are continuing to undermine the independence that must occur in an investigation.

Swalwell’s comments came during an unclassified meeting about the Democratic rebuttal memo that aims to refute key points made in a Republican-drafted memo released last week.

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