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A Big Fight Broke Out Between Trump And Melania Over ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket — She Did It To P*ss Him Off: Report

A major fight between President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump spilled into the public after the First Lady sent the wrong message by wearing a jacket that read ‘I really don’t care’ to visit migrant children on June 21.

According to Hollywoodlife, President Trump was angry that Melania wore her now infamous jacket during her visit with migrant children in Texas to get back at him for mocking her ‘Be Best’ campaign.

It turns out, that may have just been the reaction she was looking for. “Donald was furious over Melania’s jacket, but then, that’s why she wore it, to piss him off and to cause him maximum embarrassment,” a source close to Melania told the news outlet.

Donald, of course, also took to Twitter shortly after the news to give a different explanation that talked about how Melania chose to wear the jacket as a jab to the “fake media” but Melania, herself, never confirmed this.

From the report:

“Donald was left scrambling for an excuse as to why Melania would wear such a thing, especially in such a delicate situation, and the best he could come up with was blaming the ‘fake news.’ Meanwhile, when Donald quizzed her about the jacket, Melania played dumb, claiming she just grabbed a jacket to wear without realizing what was on it, which is obviously ludicrous, but how can he prove otherwise? It really was an amazing act of silent protest on Melania’s behalf to piss him off after his immigration separation policy made a mockery of her ‘Be Best’ campaign.”

Melania getting back at Donald through her jacket may have made her feel empowered but it also caused criticism from many people. The First Lady didn’t seem to mind, however, because getting back at the Donald was reportedly more important than how she portrayed herself.”

“Even though she was aware that people might misunderstand it and believe she was saying she didn’t care, she felt it really wouldn’t matter, as people believe her to be complicit anyway, simply by the fact that she remains married to Donald,” the source said.

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