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A Democrat Lawmaker Just Took First Legislative Step To Impeach Donald Trump

The nationwide resistance to Donald Trump’s authoritarian administration is gaining momentum and the calls to impeach the erratic president are getting louder and more persuasive.

Since inauguration, more than 800,000 people have signed a petition to impeach Donald Trump. And that’s not all. A new poll shows that registered voters are evenly split, at 46-to-46 percent, on whether they “support” or “oppose” impeaching him. Just two weeks ago, the pro-impeachment figure was 35 percent.

Adding to that momentum, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) filed a “resolution of inquiry” that amounts to the first legislative step toward impeachment.

So far, the Democratic Party’s leadership in Congress has shown scant interest in impeaching Trump. But with escalating pressure from constituents, things are starting to change.

Under the Trump presidency, a resolution for impeachment is a way to go on the offensive, directly challenging the huge corruption that Trump has brought to the White House.

From the outset, President Trump has been violating two provisions of the U.S. Constitution—its foreign and domestic “emoluments” clauses. In a nutshell, both clauses forbid personally profiting from presidential service beyond receiving a government salary.

Donald Trump continues at the helm of his business empire while also being U.S. president. Photo: Getty Images

Donald Trump continues at the helm of his business empire while also being U.S. president. Photo: Getty Images

Some believe that the Republican-controlled Congress is incapable of impeaching Trump, but history tells us what’s possible when a president’s unlawful actions are confronted with massive protests and the media does its job reporting corruption. On July 27, 1974, seven GOP representatives on the 38-member House Judiciary Committee voted to impeach a fellow Republican, President Richard Nixon.

Such scenario would badly splinter and damage the Republican Party—causing divisive bitterness, putting GOP leaders back on their heels and hobbling a Pence presidency.

Democracy requires that no one be above the law—a principle that’s most crucially applied to the holder of the most powerful office in the U.S. government. Extreme abuse of power from the top of the government must be seen and treated as intolerable.

The Constitution that Trump continues to flagrantly violate is supposed to be “the supreme law of the land.” To give Trump a pass would be to wink at his merger of vast personal wealth and corporate holdings with vast governmental power.

That’s why it’s crucial for constituents to push back with determination. As the Impeach Donald Trump Now campaign’s website states: “Trump’s personal riches are entangled with countless policy options for his administration. That precedent must be resisted and defeated.”

Congressman Nadler’s unusual resolution of inquiry will be able to avoid some of the standard roadblocks in the House. As his website explains, “A Resolution of Inquiry is a legislative tool that has privileged parliamentary status, meaning it can be brought to the floor if the relevant Committee hasn’t reported it within 14 legislative days, even if the Majority leadership has not scheduled it for a vote.”

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