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A Federal Prosecutor Just Threw Alex Acosta To The Wolves, And Donald Trump Could Be Next

A Federal Prosecutor Lays out smoking gun that Alex Acosta broke the law by helping Jeffrey Epstein

In the past 72 hours, the arrest of billionaire wealth manager Jeffrey Epstein has sent the chaotic Trump presidency into even bigger chaos than what it was before. And things can get worse.

Epstein, a close friend with President Donald Trump, is facing up to life in prison for child sex trafficking. And while the spotlight has freshly focused on Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, Donald Trump himself could be dragged into the mud as well.

Acosta, who as a federal prosecutor in 2008 had the evidence to put away Epstein but brokered a secret plea deal that concealed the extent of his crimes and gave him a short, light jail term for “soliciting prostitution.”

Now, a former federal prosecutor has come public with what he calls the “smoking gun” that Alex Acosta broke the law by helping Epstein.

In a series of tweets published Wednesday, Glenn Kirschner laid out a case for why Acosta’s actions were not just reprehensible — they were illegal:

“This is a smoking gun, showing that Lefkowitz and Acosta conspired to violate the rights of the young victims of Epstein’s sexual offenses. Acosta must be held accountable. Full stop,” Kirschner wrote in another tweet.

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