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‘A Field Day For The Special Counsel’: Fox News Judge Says Trump’s Meeting With Mueller Will Be His Doom

Donald Trump’s luck is going from bad to worse. On Thursday his lawyer John Dowd quit the president’s legal team after Trump constantly refused to listen to his advice regarding special counsel Robert Mueller.

According to the New York Times, Dowd said Trump was “increasingly ignoring his advice.”

Now, according to Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, Trump’s meeting with Mueller will most likely not end well for the president.

“This particular president has one of the strongest personalities and highest levels of self-confidence of any human being I’ve met,” Napolitano told host Harris Faulkner. “This president, if told not to say something that he wants to say, will probably say it anyway.”

“This president doesn’t always use — I’m being diplomatic now — an economy of words,” Napolitano continued. “That is, that recipe, is a field day for prosecutors and FBI agents that would like to trip him up.”

Napolitano then noted the president’s recent conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin among other things that could play against Trump.

“This is not good for all of this to happen to the president while he’s talking to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and signing tariffs on China, and negotiating spending with the Congress,” Napolitano said. “He can keep many balls in the air, but he is human, and this is almost like being under siege.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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