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A Giant ‘Dumping Trump’ Tweeting Emerges In London Ahead Of Trump’s Visit

A new statue depicting President Trump sitting on the toilet while tweeting was unveiled in London on Thursday. The maker says the figure will be heading to London just in time for the president’s scheduled state visit next month.

Don Lessem, a renowned dinosaur expert and founder of the Jurassic Foundation, told the Daily Kos that his goal “is to create this year’s attention-getting and bile-producing sequel to the Trump baby balloon, and one that could be more easily deployed at rallies all over the world.”

The new statue shows Trump with an enlarged head sitting on a toilet with his pants down while tweeting. A video Lessem shared to YouTube shows the figure saying things like “No collusion,” “I’m a very stable genius” and “you are fake news.”

It also makes fart noises and wears a “Make America Great Again” hat that includes the text: “Impeach Me!”


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