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‘A Moral Crime Against America’: Fox News Busted For Doing ‘Putin’s Job’

“Let’s face it,” CNN’s Brian Stelter said at the top of his media criticism show Reliable Sources on Sunday. “This week, Fox News and Russia won and the rest of America lost.”

Senator John McCain agrees. After the memo was released, McCain blasted his Republican colleagues, saying, “we’re doing Putin’s job for him.”

“Our nation’s elected officials, including the president, must stop looking at this investigation through the lens of politics and manufacturing political sideshows. If we continue to undermine our own rule of law, we are doing Putin’s job for him,” McCain said.

Yes, Fox News, led by right-wing propagandist Sean Hannity, descended into a new level of evil, helping Vladimir Putin by launching a vicious attack on American democracy and creating an alternative reality Russia scandal.

Hannity’s alternative reality did break into mainstream media, but not in the way that Trump and his Republican allies wanted. There have been headlines all across mainstream platforms debunking the memo and exposing it as a “political stunt” that resulted in a “moral crime against America.”

On Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources broke down the Fox News Russia scandal alternative reality:

“The pro-Trump media, led by Hannity, has circled the wagons around President Trump. They’ve distracted people about the truth involving Trump’s Russia ties and they’ve done everything possible to destroy faith in Robert Mueller’s probe,” Stelter said. “And look, Hannity won. It worked. You’ve got to give him credit where it’s due. Hannity gave a megaphone to the GOP congressman who said they had a smoking gun memo, proving a deep state conspiracy against Trump. Hannity hyped it night after night after night in January, like a human countdown clock.”

The host went on to argue that Hannity’s promises about the memo “were never going to live up to the hype,” adding, “the noise around the memo doesn’t make much sense anyway.” For instance, he explained, Nunes alleges surveillance abuses, but voted to give the FBI more surveillance powers. As has been widely reported, the memo also has some serious timeline problems.

“But come on, when you’re trying to confuse people, that doesn’t matter,” Stelter added. “All the questions, all the headlines, all the doubt, all the curiosity, all the concern, that was the point. To get it on the front page, to sew doubt and division, that was the point.”

From there, Stelter presented a side-by-side comparison of Fox News vs. MSNBC on the night the memo was released. While Hannity said the memo represented “Watergate times a thousand,” Rachel Maddow responded by asking, “That’s it?”

Watch the video below:

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