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A New Trump-Mar-A-Lago Scandal Just Surfaced


A New Trump-Mar-A-Lago Scandal Just Surfaced

Just When you thought Donald Trump’s troubles couldn’t get any worse, they do. Newly uncovered emails, obtained by Pro Publica, show that Trump’s unqualified Mar-a-Lago buddies are influencing contract and budget decisions at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The emails show that the three Mar-a-Lago members — Ike Perlmutter, West Palm Beach physician Bruce Moskowitz and lawyer Marc Sherman — were involved in “some of the agency’s most consequential matters, most notably a multibillion-dollar effort to overhaul electronic health records for millions of veterans, despite being completely unqualified to do so,” Pro Publica writes.

The investigative piece revealed that Trump’s three amigos reviewed a draft of a $10 billion contract to overhaul the VA’s electronic medical records system, and they were listed among 40 different outside “experts” consulted for the contract despite lacking “any relevant expertise.”

And —get this— the emails also show that Moskowitz used his position as an adviser to get the VA to adopt his mobile medical app, even though IT officials at the VA said that the app had serious functionality problems. In fact, one email shows that a VA IT official believed that “some of the code needs to be refactored and even rebuilt” for the app to work properly.

Moskowitz even recruited his son, Aaron Moskowitz, to pitch the benefits of the app during a conference between the VA and Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple experts similarly pushed back on Moskowitz’s mobile app and said that “the national databases needed to make the app accurate didn’t exist,” according to Pro Publica.

Talk about corruption.

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