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A Red State Just Defied Donald Trump And Voted To Expand Medicaid

As Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan were pushing to pass a bill dismantling Medicaid, Republicans in Kansas took a big step toward expanding the program in their state.

In clear rebuke to Donald Trump’s policies, a committee in the Kansas Senate approved legislation that would enable the state to take advantage of an Obamacare provision offering Medicaid health insurance coverage to a wider group of poor people. The federal government would provide the vast majority of the funding.

Over the years, many deep-red states like Kansas have rejected Medicaid expansion based largely on their ideological objections to Obamacare. But as the cruel reality of “the disaster known as Trumpcare” set in, a new bloc of moderate Republicans in the state —back by the health care industry and business community— have teamed up with Democrats to push Medicaid expansion, KCUR reported.

The Kansas House overwhelming passed the measure, according to the report, and the full state Senate is expected to vote on the issue Monday. But they would likely need to cobble together a veto-proof majority, since Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has vocally opposed to adopting the program.

Brownback released a letter Thursday asking Congress to pass the repeal of Obamacare, which would eventually end funding for new sign-ups in the Medicaid expansion.  Thankfully, the repeal bill was defeated in epic fashion on Friday when Ryan was forced to pull the measure for lack of support.

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