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A Stand For JUSTICE: Immigrants Plan To Teach Trump A Lesson During HUGE Strike This Thursday


A Stand For JUSTICE: Immigrants Plan To Teach Trump A Lesson During HUGE Strike This Thursday

Tomorrow will be a day many immigrants will be silent, but their silence will be louder than words can ever be. Tomorrow, Thursday, February 16th, will be the Day Without Immigrants.

Immigrants will show Trump just how important they are for this country, a country that was founded by immigrants.

Maria Castillo, from Wilmington NC, as reported in WECT, says,

“that on Thursday, fellow Hispanics will not go to work, not send their children to school, not to eat out in restaurants or buy items in stores. She hopes Hispanics will stay home and just be invisible, so the nation can see what Hispanics do for your country.”

The strike has not made major headline news but it is all over the Spanish media.

As reported on Daily Kos:

“This Thursday is a planned Day Without Latinos strike. While it has not been picked up in the mainstream press, it is all over the Spanish speaking media. I have no idea how nationwide this is, but the clip below is from North Carolina and I live in the San Francisco Bay area so there definitely is some coverage. There may be marches in some places, but workers just may stay home so businesses could find, they don’t have the staffing they thought they were going to have.”

Celebrity chef José Andrés, an immigrant from Spain, announced on Twitter that he will be closing some of his restaurants in the region because of the boycott.

“In support of our people & #ADayWithoutImmigrants Thurs 2/16 we will not open @jaleo DC CC MD, @zaytinya or @oyameldc”


After Donald Trump used his campaign to call Mexican immigrants “rapist” and “criminal,” Andrés backed out of a contract in 2015 with Trump to open a restaurant inside D.C.’s Trump International Hotel.

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