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Wow! A Trump Group Is Using His Missile Strike On Syria As a Money-Making Ploy


Wow! A Trump Group Is Using His Missile Strike On Syria As a Money-Making Ploy

When it comes to creative ways to scam people out of their money, Donald Trump and his Republican allies seem to have no limits. And to be blunt, it appears that anyone even remotely related to Donald Trump is a scam-artist, incompetent, or both.

The Great America Alliance Super PAC, arguably the most successful pro-Trump Super PAC, has an uncanny ability to take a lot of money from “economically anxious” white people. So when the tiny-handed Trump decided to bomb the crap out of a pile of dirt in Syria last Thursday, his craven minions went to work.

Even foreign officials are disturbed by this shameless ploy. Australian Senator Scott Ludlam called out this sad truth on Twitter:

As reported by Mother Jones, the political group, which uses Donald Trump’s name and trademarked slogan—”Make America Great Again”— is an unusual fundraising ploy.

“The group, the Great America PAC, has no connection to the Trump campaign, but it has been blasting out emails soliciting donations that it claims will be channeled directly to Team Trump. In a recent email, the PAC implored donors to help “build a grassroots wall of support around Donald Trump by chipping in at least $5 to have your name placed on his official FEC report by signing the ‘I Support Donald Trump’ petition.” On the PAC’s website, donors are asked to donate between $5 and $1,000.”

Dan Backer, the group’s treasurer, tells Mother Jones that this money is indeed “earmarked” for Trump. What happens to the rest of the money, for any donations greater than $5, is not clear. The email does promise to use money the group raises to build a vaguely described grassroots operation that will help support Trump. But there’s no telling how much of the money gathered by this Trumpy PAC will directly fund pro-Trump activities.

It’s probably been very hard having a fearless leader who is a straight-up cowardly racist and scam artist that’s not interested in even throwing the tiniest bone to all of those “anxiety ridden” folk out there that love him so much.

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