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A “We The People” Concert Will Be Held In Miami To Compete With Trump’s Inauguration


A “We The People” Concert Will Be Held In Miami To Compete With Trump’s Inauguration

Trump’s inauguration day is getting closer(unfortunately), but according to POLITICO there will be a counter-protest concert held the same day of the inauguration. This is surely going to infuriate the Donald.

The concert is being planned by Mark Ross. He’s working his butt off to book acts for a “We The People” concert to play at the same time as Trump’s inauguration ceremony. The location for this event has not been determined, but it seems like Miami is looking like the most plausible.

“The talent is banging on our doors to do this,” says a source close to Ross, who is busy arranging funding for the venture.

This just adds to Donald Trump’s inability to find anyone willing to perform at his inauguration. It’s become so frustrating to Trump that he has even tried to offer diplomatic jobs to agent capable of bringing in some star talent. And now he’s stooping to bribing the artists.

“They are willing to pay anything. They told me, ‘We’ll pay their fees.’ Most of these artists’ fees are in the six to seven figures. Name your price” said an anonymous source to The Wrap. “I couldn’t do it. Not even for a billion dollars.”

It’s becoming a joke now. Usually artists play at these inaugurations for free, because it’s a big honor to perform at such an important event. Doesn’t seem that way this year. “I’ve never heard of talent being compensated. Nor have I heard of talent recruiters being compensated” said a veteran inaugural planner.

Hey trump it’s okay you still have Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, even if they’re not those superstar “artists like Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars” that you said you wanted.

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