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AARP Just Put ‘All 100 Senators’ On Notice Over Rotten Trumpcare In Brutal Statement

Trumpcare. Barack Obama calls it “a transfer of wealth to the wealthy.” Bernie Sanders said it is “a tax cut for millionaires.” The Senate Republican healtcare bill will impact millions of Americans in horrible ways, but many of those that will he hit the hardest are the elderly.

The cruel GOP legislation bill is designed to end Medicaid, which 64% of nursing homes need to support their residents and patients. 130 million Americans could find themselves without proper care as thousands of nursing homes shut down. The bill also includes an age tax, allowing insurance companies to charge people 46 years and older up to 500% more than a younger person.

But the elderly are not without a voice.

The AARP slammed the Senate GOP healthcare draft bill, calling efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare “harmful” and denouncing what it calls an “Age Tax” affecting the nation’s senior citizens. In a statement, they described the effects of the bill and their commitment to their seniors:

“This new Senate bill was crafted in secrecy behind closed doors without a single hearing or open debate—and it shows. The Senate bill would hit millions of Americans with higher costs and result in less coverage for them. AARP is adamantly opposed to the Age Tax, which would allow insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more for coverage than everyone else while reducing tax credits that help make insurance more affordable.

AARP is also deeply concerned that the Senate bill cuts Medicaid funding that would strip health coverage from millions of low-income and vulnerable Americans who depend on the coverage, including 17 million poor seniors and children and adults with disabilities. The proposed Medicaid cuts would leave millions, including our most vulnerable seniors, at risk of losing the care they need and erode seniors’ ability to live in their homes and communities.”

The statement went on to say:

“The Senate bill also cuts funding for Medicare which weakens the programs ability to pay benefits and leaves the door wide open to benefit cuts and Medicare vouchers. AARP has long opposed proposals that cut benefits or weaken Medicare.

As we did with all 435 Members of the House of Representatives, AARP will also hold all 100 Senators accountable for their votes on this harmful health care bill. Our members care deeply about their health care and have told us repeatedly that they want to know where their elected officials stand. We strongly urge the Senate to reject this bill.”

Seniors are one of the most reliable voting demographics, and with the support of the AARP, they could fight back strongly against the Republicans in 2018.

When the AARP talks, people listen. So let’s hope GOP senators are paying attention.

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