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‘About F**king Time’: The Internet Reacts To The Firing Of Jeffrey Lord

On Thursday conservative analyst Jeffrey Lord was fired from CNN for posting the neo-Nazi salute “Sieg Heil!”on Twitter.

According to Lord, he was just mocking Nazis and fascists, but CNN didn’t think that mattered. They terminated Lord almost immediately after posting the controversial tweet.

Lord’s firing got mixed responses, but most people were extremely happy to see the Trump-loving conservative go.

Out of the few people who thought Lord’s firing was unfair was Trump advocate Roger Stone, who blasted CNN, saying “there is something wrong in a world in which CNN fires Jeffrey Lord but retains diva Ana Navarro [sic] who is literally dumber than dog sh*t.”

But the vast majority were happy to see Lord go, although quite a few people frowned on CNN for taking too long to fire Lord.

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