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Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer On One Of The GOP’s Last Anti-Impeachment Talking Points



Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer On One Of The GOP’s Last Anti-Impeachment Talking Points

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) shut down the Republican Party’s attempt to discredit the House impeachment investigation during Wednesday’s hearing.

On Wednesday, a European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland was testifying before Congress, Republicans kept pushing the point that there couldn’t be any kind of extortion scheme on Donald Trump’s part because Ukraine got its military aid without publicly announcing investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden.

But Schiff was quick to shut down that talking point.

“My colleagues seem to be under the impression that unless the president spoke the words, ‘Ambassador Sondland, I am bribing the Ukrainian president,’ that there’s no evidence of bribery!” he said.

Schiff went on to say that Sondland’s testimony had given ample evidence of bribery, and he then smothered the idea that bribery isn’t illegal if it fails to work.

“Now, they also seem to say [Ukraine] got the money,” he said. “They got caught!”

Schiff then pointed out the fact that the timing of the aid given to Ukraine was off. He noted that Ukraine received aid days after it was announced that Trump was being investigated.

“You’re aware, aren’t you, ambassador, that two days before the aid was lifted… Congress announced it was investigating this scheme?” he asked Sondland.

“I am now, yes,” Sondland replied.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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