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AFL-CIO President Bashes Trump On Labor Day For ‘Assaulting’ The Working Class


AFL-CIO President Bashes Trump On Labor Day For ‘Assaulting’ The Working Class

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka had a few words of criticism to say about how Donald Trump has treated the working class.

Trumka appeared on CNN on Monday where he was asked about how Trump has been doing for the workers in America.

“He’s assaulted just about every health and safety regulation out there, whether it’s from beryllium or silica,” Trumka said. “He attacked the overtime regulations, he attacked regulations for consumer protection.”

Trumka talked about Trump attracting workers during his campaign but added that he “hasn’t really done a good job” since taking office.

“He hasn’t really done a lot to help workers,” the labor chief argued.

Trumka also addressed how Trump has divided the country and talked about his comments following the violence at the Charlottesville white supremacist rally.

“It’s not about a matter of talking, it was the symbolism of being on that council after he had that spirited defense of neo-fascists and white supremacists,” Trumka said Monday. “That was above and beyond, that was just a point that went to divide the country.”

“What we wanted to do was make a statement that we wanted a president that brings us together, and we hope he becomes that president, that he unites the country rather than polarizes the country because that’ll be good for America.”

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