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After Decisive Wins On Tuesday, Biden Makes Direct Appeal To Sanders Supporters: ‘I Hear You’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday evening made a direct appeal to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) younger supporters on Tuesday night after sweeping victories in the Florida and Illinois primaries, putting him further on track to win the Democratic nomination.

“Our campaign has had a very good night. We’ve moved closer to securing the Democratic nomination for president, and we’re doing it by building a broad coalition that we need to win in November,” the former Vice President said in remarks delivered via livestream from his home state of Delaware.

“Sen. Sanders and I may disagree on tactics, but we share a common vision for the need to provide affordable health care for all Americans, reduce income inequity that has risen so drastically, to tackling the existential threat of our time, climate change,” he added.

“Sen. Sanders and his supporters have brought a remarkable passion and tenacity to all of these issues. Together, they have shifted the fundamental conversation in this country,” he said. “So let me say to all of the young voters inspired by Sen. Sanders: I hear you. I know what’s at stake. I know what we have to do.”

Despite Biden’s dominant lead in the primary, which began with his victory in South Carolina last month followed by a series of wins across the country, Sanders’s supporters have remained skeptical of the former vice president’s more moderate policies.

However, Biden has since worked to appeal to the progressive wing of the party, notably endorsing progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) bankruptcy plan, which would scrap parts of a 2005 bankruptcy bill Biden backed in the Senate.

Wath Biden’s remarks below:

There are 441 delegates up for grabs between the three states voting Tuesday. Ohio was slated to hold its primary on Tuesday, but it was delayed amid the coronavirus outbreak

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