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After Doug Jones’ Upset Win In Alabama, Democrats Target Ted Cruz

Despite Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s numerous flaws, Democrat Doug Jones’s victory over the former judge Tuesday night stunned many political observers. But for other Democrats, it signaled consequences for Republicans up for reelection, including a longtime Democratic foe: Sen. Ted Cruz.

Democrats see Cruz as uniquely vulnerable in the wake of Doug Jones’s upset win in Alabama.

“Be afraid, @tedcruz. Be very afraid,” former Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro said in a tweet.

Democrats believe Cruz’s low popularity in Texas has made him uniquely vulnerable to a Democratic challenger in 2018.

Observers like Vox’s Matt Yglesias agree, noting that Cruz’s favorable ratings were actually lower than Moore’s in some recent polls.

“Roy Moore, who just lost and molests children, actually has a higher favorable rating in AL than Ted Cruz has in TX,” Yglesias wrote on Twitter.

Beto O’Rourke, seen as the Democratic frontrunner who will likely challenge Cruz next November, sent an email to supporters on Tuesday fundraising off of Jones’ win.

“If you weren’t sure if our campaign to take on Ted Cruz was possible, you have to know it is now,” the email said. “Next stop, Texas 2018.”

O’Rourke’s campaign also shared a tweet of Cruz saying Moore, who has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers, should be seated in the Senate if he won the election.

Democrats have not won a Senate race in Texas in decades, and are likely face an uphill battle even in a potential wave election

Nonetheless, following Jones’ victory, many Democratic strategists and supporters immediately called for greater attention to the race in Texas.

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