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Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Just Launched Website To Expose The InfoWars Host


Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Just Launched Website To Expose The InfoWars Host

InfoWars’ Alex Jones, who’s in the middle of a custody battle with his ex-wife, is now looking at more trouble as his ex-wife has launched an “info war” of her own.

The New York Daily News reported on Tuesday that the former Mrs. Jones is launching a website called The website’s objective is to expose incriminating information about Jones.

Jones continues to battle his ex-wife for full custody of their children, despite a family court ruling that the former married couple would share custody. This is what sparked the former Mrs. Jones to fight back.

“I’m going to point out all of his horrible outrageous behavior,” she told the Daily News, “but I’m not out to disparage the man. He is the father of my children. I’m standing up to the bully.”

She told the Daily News that “a family court judge in Texas has repeatedly blocked her from introducing evidence” that proves her ex-husband is “too volatile and emotionally unstable to be a full-time parent to their three kids.”

Jones’ ex-wife is now willing to violate court orders to expose the InfoWars host.

“This is a man who talks about the Founding Fathers and he’s constantly filing motions to repress my free speech,” she said.

Along with AlexJonesX, Jones intends to start a website under the URL “” to act as “her platform for responding to whatever Alex might say about her.”

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