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Alex Jones’ Infowars Suspended From Youtube, One Strike Away From Being Banned


Alex Jones’ Infowars Suspended From Youtube, One Strike Away From Being Banned

Conspiracy theory channel Infowars one step closer to being banned from YouTube after posting a video promoting a conspiracy theory about the Florida high school shooting.

The right-wing outlet has been blocked from uploading videos to Youtube and is one strike away from being banned from the platform.

The Channel, which has more than 2 million subscribers, said it received an alert from YouTube on Tuesday morning, saying Infowars received a second strike on a video about the Parkland, Fla., high school shooting and will temporarily be unable to upload new content.

“This is the second strike applied to your account within three months. As a result, you’re unable to post new content to YouTube for two weeks,” the alert said. “If there are no further issues, the ability to upload will be automatically restored after this two week period.”

Infowars’s second strike comes as social media giants like YouTube and Twitter grapple with how to handle extremist or conspiracy theory content. A channel that receives three strikes from YouTube is banned from the platform.

Host and owner Alex Jones received his first strike for promoting a conspiracy theory about the Parkland shooting, suggesting hat Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg and others were paid “crisis actors” instead of actual students who survived the shooting.

The video is no longer on YouTube.

Jones, who made similar claims after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, called the strikes from YouTube as a “CNN lobbying campaign.”

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