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‘American Horror Story’ Portrays Trump Fans As A Violent Cult In Season 7, Conservatives Are Livid

As the seventh season of the FX hit show “American Horror Story” kicks off, many conservatives have been left outraged by the show portraying Donald Trump supporters as being part of a dangerous and violent cult.

The Daily Wire, a conservative news website, wrote an article about the show, saying that “the latest season of ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ is just a rehash of the same Hollywood trope of portraying Trump supporters as raging psychopaths who pick fights with innocent Mexicans and terrorize lesbians.”

“The show’s producer Ryan Murphy laughably contends that none of his politics blended into the show,” complained The Daily Wire’s Paul Bois, “even though he spends the whole time showing distressed liberals and one psychotic Trump supporter.”

Another right-wing website,, also attacked the hit show, accusing “American Horror Story Season 7: Cult” of trafficking in “social justice themes” and “worn-out tropes about conservative racism.”

“The overt addition of politics is just one more thing to add to this show’s offensive bag of tricks. Better pack some snacks, conservatives, this is going to be a long season,” said the right-slanted site.

This seventh season of “American Horror Story” is set during the election of Donald Trump.

Watch the trailer below:

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