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Amid Northam Blackface Scandal, This Old Picture Of Mitch McConnell Is Coming Back To Haunt Him

Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam drew a lot of criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike after a racist photo of his 1984 yearbook surfaced that showed him posing in a “blackface costume.” Since the photo surfaced, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats have called on Northam to resign.

But as the Northam scandal continues to rage on, an old photo of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has surfaced and it has come back to haunt him.

The photo, allegedly taken at a Sons of Confederate Veterans event in the early 1990s, shows McConnell posing in front of a large Confederate flag.

On February 2, Cameron Kasky (co-founder of March for Our Lives) tweeted, “Northam was in blackface and he’s awful and it’s great that he’s cancelled. Now can we do Mitch McConnell gleefully posing in front of a confederate flag with that big, bright McConnell smile?”

One Twitter user, who goes by Resistance Rosie, posted, “Northam should resign. But I love how the GOP is indignant while supporting current GOP racists like Trump (Nazi’s are fine people), Steve King (open white supremacist), Cindy Hyde-Smith (wants to sit front row at a lynching), and confederate flag McConnell. #Hypocrisy.”

David Popp, a McConnell spokesman, spoke with Time Magazine about McConnell’s photo.

Popp said, “This picture gets ‘attention on social media’ frequently. The left trots it out every time Sen. McConnell speaks out on race or the Confederate flag–as he did on Charlottesville, the Confederate flag over SC’s capitol, removing Jefferson Davis from the Kentucky capitol, his comments on Steve King, and so on. They’ve been doing this for many, many years.”

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