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Ana Navarro Torches Trump For Staffing His White House With Racists


Ana Navarro Torches Trump For Staffing His White House With Racists

Republican strategist Ana Navarro eviscerated Donald Trump, revealing precisely why the President-elect is getting ready to drive our country over a cliff of racial division with his pick of white nationalists to run his White House.

Appearing on CNN on Monday, Navarro nailed Trump to the wall for peddling racism and signaling with his first major hires that he intends to run the White House as a racist government organization.

“I think the appointments he makes early on are a signal about what kind of President he’s going to be… but what he is doing, naming somebody like Steve Bannon… who has filled his publication with anti-semetic, anti-hispanic, anti-everything headlines, you have to be concerned,” she said.

“Stop playing games, and pretending he doesn’t know these hate crimes are going on out there. Donald Trump needs to understand that whether he’s a racist or not, he peddled in this for the last 18 months and he unearthed an ugly underbelly in America. Donald Trump did not invent racism, but he unleashed it in a way we haven’t seen in decades.”

Navarro, who was one of the few truly forceful voices of the right against her own party’s racist campaign against minorities this year, ended her denouncement of the Trump regime with a call to action that her own party will actively seek to censor from the moment they take office in January.

Don’t lose hope, get motivated. Get engaged. Go out there.

The Republican strategist went even further on twitter, forcefully denouncing Trump over his White House appointments.


Watch Navarro’s interview in the video below:

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