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Ana Navarro Slams Dunk Eric Trump For Attacking Kellyanne Conway’s Husband: ‘Your Father Cheated On Your Mom’

On Tuesday, CNN contributor Ana Navarro hilariously mocked Eric Trump for getting into White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s political disagreements with her husband George, a prominent critic of the president.

The feud started when George Conway tweeted that President Trump’s recent praise for political operative Roger Stone likely constituted a violation of federal witness tampering statutes.

The president’s son fired back that Conway was treating his wife with “utter disrespect” for attacking the president. This didn’t sit well with Navarro.

“Your father is Donald Trump, who cheated on every one of his three wives, including your mom. Who cheated on his current wife with a Playboy bunny, and cheated on the Playboy bunny with a stripper,” Navarro began. “Maybe, just maybe, talking about husbands being disrespectful to wives is not the alley, is not the one that you should be taking on.”

“I can tell you it seems to me that George Conway has great respect for justice, for the truth, for the Constitution, the rule of law, for the role of the presidency, for the integrity of judicial proceedings, for the independence of the judicial branch,” she added. “For that I think a lot of Americans respect him.”

Watch the video below, via CNN.

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