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Annapolis Survivor Drops F-Bomb On Live TV, Dismissing Trump’s ‘Thoughts And Prayers’: I Couldn’t Give A F*ck About Them’

On Thursday afternoon, a shooter opened fire at Maryland’s Capital Gazette newspaper, killing five people. Following the attack Donald Trump and multiple White House staffers tweeted out their “thoughts and prayers,” but one survivor who appeared on CNN following the shooting couldn’t care less about those “thoughts and prayers.”

Appearing on CNN, reporter Selene San Felice said she was doing fine—considering she’d just watched someone die.

Felice told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the thoughts and prayers weren’t going to do anything for her or her colleagues.

“I don’t know what I want right now but I’m gonna need more than a couple days of news coverage and thoughts and prayers…thanks for your prayers but I couldn’t give a f*ck about them if there’s nothing else,” she told the unfazed CNN host.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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