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Another Farmer Bashes Trump, Says Trade War And Putin Scandal Have Thrown Him Off: ‘I’m Off The Trump Train!’

Donald Trump is hurting his 2020 chances by hurting his own base. Many farmers have already expressed their concerns with the president and on Monday an Ohio farmer decided to bash Trump as he jumped off the Trump train.

Speaking to CNN, Ohio farmer Christopher Gibbs called out Trump for claiming that farmers would greatly benefit from the trade war when, in fact, the exact opposite is happening.

“We’re in a free fall out here in agriculture!” he said. “We’ve seen a 30 percent decrease in the price of soybeans.”

CNN host Kate Bolduan then played Gibbs a clip of Trump saying he would take care of American farmers hurt by his trade war with additional subsidy cash. But Gibbs wasn’t buying it and said that this was just a band-aid for the problems facing the American agriculture industry.

“It’s appreciated by farmers for sure, but we would rather have trade,” he said. “We would rather have our markets back.”

Gibbs went on to announce that he’s leaving the Trump train after voting for him three years ago.

“I finally got off at Helsinki,” said Gibbs, referring to Trump’s now-infamous press conference in Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “That was a mess to me. I couldn’t stand the waffling and all of that with Putin. So I’m off the Trump Train.”\

Take a look at the interview in the video clip below:

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