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Another GOP Joins Dems In Fighting To Release Trump’s Tax Returns

Last month Democrats got together and released a bill that will force Donald Trump to release his tax returns. The bill was made after Trump stated time and time again that he will release his taxes when they get audited, but the IRS has said an audit doesn’t prevent personal tax information from being made public.

With Trump’s continuous stall on the release of his taxes, Democrats wanted to do something about, so they wrote the legislation. But of course the only way the bill will become a law is if it gets Republican support.

This week Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) signed on to the legislation, becoming the fourth Republican to do so. Three other Republicans have co-sponsored the underlying legislation: Reps. Mark Sanford (S.C.), Justin Amash (Mich.) and Ted Yoho (Fla.).

Since February Democrats have been forcing near-weekly votes on resolutions to direct the House Ways and Means Committee to ask the IRS for Trump’s tax returns, their most recent attempt being on Wednesday.

Although four Republicans have backed the bill, none have signed onto the discharge petition, however, and Republicans typically don’t endorse Democratic procedural efforts.

The discharge petition no has 191 signatures, it needs 27 more signatures to reach the 218 mark that will move it forward. But it is unlikely that Democrats will get enough Republicans to sign onto the effort.

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