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Another GOP Senator Just Publicly Condemned Trump’s Ukraine Scandal: ‘Not Appropriate’


Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) became the latest Republican senator to openly condemn Donald Trump’s attempt to dig up dirt on Joe Biden from a foreign government.

On Monday, Portman spoke to The Columbus Dispatch about the impeachment inquiry and the Ukraine scandal that it is based around.

“The president should not have raised the Biden issue on that call, period. It’s not appropriate for a president to engage a foreign government in an investigation of a political opponent,” Portman told The Columbus Dispatch.

Portman joins GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Mitt Romney (Utah) and Ben Sasse (Neb.) as the only Republican senators who have spoken out against Trump’s contacts with the Ukrainian president.

Despite all four senators disapproving of Trump’s actions, no Senate Republican has backed the House’s impeachment inquiry.

Portman even claimed that the offense is not an impeachable one.

“I don’t view it as an impeachable offense. I think the House frankly rushed to impeachment assuming certain things,” Portman added to the Dispatch.

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