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Scaramucci Was Just Exposed After Lying Multiple Times During First Press Briefing

Donald Trump’s new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci seems to have started off on the wrong foot. After holding the first on-camera briefing in almost a month, Scaramucci’s lies were exposed on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily.”

Katy Tur reported on Friday the “chaos at the White House” as Scaramucci “tried to pull off a reset of epic proportions on his first day at the podium.”

Tur went on to expose Scaramucci for lying at the podium. In fact, she pointed out five lies the new communications director said on his first day.

“Scaramucci insisted that the White House is on course. It isn’t,” Tur corrected.

“He said Trump is beloved. He’s not,” Tur corrected again. “He said there’s truth to the President’s claims of massive voter fraud. There are not.”

“And he claimed there’s no friction between him and Sean Spicer, even though our reporting indicates his hire is why Spicer is leaving,” Kur continued.

Scaramucci also said of Donald Trump, “I think he’s got some of the best political instincts in the world and perhaps in history.” That’s obviously not true at all.

It seems Scaramucci is another Sean Spicer. He’s been put on the podium to make up lie after lie about Trump. No surprise here.

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