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Anti-Trump Demonstrators Gathered In Swiss Capital To Protest His Planned Visit

Donald Trump isn’t only unpopular in the United States, but people from all over the world are protesting against the U.S. president. On Saturday, anti-globalization demonstrators gathered in the streets of the Swiss capital to protest against a planned visit by Trump to the World Economic Forum later this month.

Earlier this month, Trump announced that he planned on attending the WEF, an annual meeting of global business and political leaders, in Davos. But Swiss citizens weren’t having it.

The Saturday protest consisted of about 500 anti-globalization protestors who peacefully marched past the Swiss parliament in Bern. There has been an online petition circulating to have people tell Trump he is not welcome when he arrives in the country.

Up to 5,000 Swiss soldiers have been drafted in to guard Davos along with 1,000 police, while a no-fly zone will also be put in place to protect delegates.

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