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April Ryan Says Pro-Trump Pastor Attacked Her After MLK Event: ‘I’ve Never Felt Fearful Like That’

Reporter April Ryan revealed that earlier this week she was verbally attacked by a pro-Trump pastor following the White House’s Martin Luther King Day event. Ryan said that the pastor screamed profanities at her when she asked if Donald Trump was a racist.

Ryan told her story at an event held by the Newseum and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The reporter shared her story with the pastor to show how horrific and frightening the environment for reporters and journalist is nowadays.

Ryan said she was confronted by the pastor after she tried questioning Trump as he left the room.

“There was an expletive, and words were exchanged, and said, ‘You were rude,’” Ryan recalled. “I kept saying, ‘This is about the First Amendment.’”

That’s when the pastor started getting louder and to the point that Ryan was frightened.

“I’ve never felt fearful like that,” Ryan said. “I was doing my job, whether you like the question or not… This is the President of the United States, and when you have people… wondering about comments that you’ve been making over and over… I had a right to ask. It’s a sad day when you have to ask the sitting U.S. president if he’s a racist.”

Trump has constantly attacked the media and the effects have shown. The people who support him follow his actions and believe that it’s right to attack someone that’s doing their job.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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